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Alternative Family Care Programme largely deals with the facilitation and provision of alternative families for children in need of special care and protection. Adoption, Foster care and guardianship are the core components in the Alternative Family Care Services as explained below:

a. Adoption; Adoption is a way of providing a child with new permanent legal parents who provide caring and loving homes for orphaned, offered and abandoned children. It ends the legal relationship between the child and his/her natural mother. CWSK has done adoptions on behalf of the Kenyan Government since 1969 and has facilitated over 8000 children into legal adoption. The organization has a well-qualified professional team of Social Workers who conduct social inquiries and ensure that adoptions are conducted with utmost adherence to the provisions of the law.

b. Foster Care; through this programme children and young persons are provided with temporary placement. This is preferable for those who for one reason or another cannot remain in the natural family and urgently requires alternative family care while other measures are being taken to address their situation. This programme ensures that children are placed within their local community. CWSK has facilitated over 20, 000 children to foster care. Placements and follow ups are done in collaboration with the department of children services.

c. Guardianship; CWSK also assists in the appointment of guardians for children. A Guardian means a person appointed by will or deed by a parent of the child or by order of the court to assume parental responsibility for the child. CWSK has facilitated over 10, 000 children to guardianship.