The First Lady, Mama Rachel Ruto (Center) Chief Executive Officer, Irene Mureithi. (Left)

The First Lady, Mama Rachel Ruto, accepted the call to champion the voice of vulnerable children in Kenya.

The First Lady had visited the CWSK Mji Wa Salama Children’s Home in Mombasa, a branch of the Child Welfare Society of Kenya, where she donated foodstuffs and urged other Kenyans of goodwill to always support needy families and vulnerable children.

Mama Rachael further lauded the efforts by the Kenya Child Welfare Society of Kenya to sponsor a Bill in parliament that effectively curbed the misuse of the adoption process that exposed Kenyan children to the risks of child trafficking and abuse by non-accountable adopters.

The First Lady further encouraged able families to consider adopting children as a family environment is critical to the proper development of a child. This is in line with the recent directive by the Government that favours absorption into families as opposed to privately operated children’s homes, where unscrupulous operators have been a conduit for trafficking.

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  • Thanks Hon. Mama Recho for that kind heart for the needy. It’s really good for the highly capacitated couples to adopt the poor kids, but they can’t be 100% sure to raise them. My suggestion is, if there could be a way of up bringing the kids and providing for them fully then that could be the best way to make them earn a big smile in future hence improving the standard of the country. I know of many kids who are needy but I can’t help cause me personally am not working, so it just become a deep cry in my heart. Many at my home dropped cause of poor background’s but I just didn’t believe my eyes in Nairobi they are very many. So let’s reason together to change their lives. Thanks in advance. God bless you so much.

  • Thank you so much mama Rachael for your kind heart. Thank you Child Welfare for the kind work you people do. I have been an intern as a social worker at CWSK Nyeri branch and I can confirm that you are indeed a great people. Helping out the needy through educational support and through other different ways just to keep the little ones smiling and never feeling the gap of being left out and alone, big up to you. You are the best. If there’s any job vacancy for social workers at any of the branches, kindly consider me. Just a kind request. May God bless you.

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