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The State Department of Social Protection and Senior Citizens Affairs through the Child Welfare Society of Kenya Tuesday provided emergency assistance to flood victims in Nairobi’s South B subdivision.

700 households and over 1000 children from Mukuru, Hazina and Land Mawe benefitted from food and other essential supplies which include clothing, bedding and household items.

The emergency response intervention at the Railway Training Institute was led by Labour CS Florence Bore, PS Joseph Motari and Child Welfare CEO Irene Mureithi.

CS Bore said her ministry will continue to provide the required support to the vulnerable mainly the elderly, children and persons with disabilities.

She further hailed Child Welfare for its efforts in protecting and promoting the rights of children in Kenya.

Child Welfare CEO Irene Mureithi on her part said the Society will remain steadfast in supporting the well-being of vulnerable children under 18 years through its various child welfare programmes.

Informal settlements have borne the brunt of the heavy rains and floods that have claimed the lives of 277 people since April.

The flood crisis has affected a total of 411,825 people while 58,009 households have been displaced in Nairobi.

A multi-agency team is undertaking demolitions of unsafe structures in Nairobi County while persons residing within the 30 meter riparian corridor and water sources have been evacuated.

The government has so far set up 167 camps across 22 counties to host displaced families.

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