Following the release of this year’s Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) examination results, the Child Welfare Society of Kenya (CWSK) congratulates all candidates who successfully completed the eight-year course and wish them well as they prepare for the next phase of learning.
As a public agency tasked with the care, protection, welfare, and control of vulnerable children, CWSK always ensures that children under its care go to school like others, and provides them with all the necessary support for holistic growth. As a society, we have always impacted and improved the lives of children by providing them with care and protection through education, rescue, placement in alternative family care, and other welfare services. This year, we are proud of the 93 candidates in our care who sat the 2023 KCPE examination, a number of whom performed very well.
Eighty-three of these sat the examination at Nzoia Sugar Company Primary School, while 10 were in other
primary schools. These are children who had been rescued or orphaned, and ended up under our care in our various temporary places of safety. Our top candidate, Samuel Wangila, scored 394 marks out of 500, with 15 others scoring over 360 marks.
This is no mean feat, especially for these children who found themselves in difficult circumstances, but
thanks to the intervention by CWSK, they were given a conducive environment to excel. I extend my warm
congratulations to these candidates who have served as a good example of the fact that determination brings the desired positive results in spite of the circumstances that one may find himself or herself in. Their determination and perseverance has paid off. We congratulate and appreciate all of them for achieving such a significant milestone despite the challenges. I am confident that these candidates will join good secondary schools and that they will continue showing their prowess in education, and serve as an example to others who may be living in difficult circumstances.
CWSK will continue to journey with the learners as they pursue further education, to ensure they fulfill their dreams. For those who didn’t come out tops, I wish to encourage them to pursue their dreams in areas they are best at.
I thank all those who have partnered with us in ensuring the success of these candidates. Above all,
I thank God who has given us the grace to succeed in all our endeavours as CWSK.
Irene Mureithi
CEO/ Managing Trustee

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