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The Child Welfare Society of Kenya is a membership society for the care, protection, welfare and adoption of children.  It is the National Adoption Society for Kenya and the National Emergency Response, Welfare and Rescue Organization for children. The government agency was established and gazetted in 1955 as an approved society gazette notice 1768 of 27/12/1955, an exempt society gazette notice 1536 of 04/11/1955, Certificate of Exemption number 455 and the Adoption Society for Kenya, gazette notice No. 1356 of 28/04/1969. CWSK is governed by an irrevocable Trust Deed of 1970.

CWSK has a statutory responsibility to provide services to all marginalized children across all social sectors in line with Section 56 of the constitution. Its programmes are tailored to meet the affirmative action necessary for the children to access welfare services across the country.

These programmes include: Emergency preparedness, rapid response, and rescue of separated children; Advocacy; HIV/AIDS; Child adoption; Foster care for orphans and other vulnerable children; Child labour; Street children, Twelve places of safety (rescue shelters); Vocational skills training; Child rights and community empowerment; Early childhood education; Primary, secondary and university education sponsorship, and such other opportunities. The organization carries out its programmes throughout the 47 counties in the country. CWSK is also a member of the international Social Services, the global professional body of social workers, which has a membership of 150 countries.